Thank you for considering volunteering with Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project Inc. We are a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. Our mission is trifold: to educate of the public on the appropriate care of dogs, to feed and provide initial emergency care for abandoned and free roaming dogs while promoting their safe capture and transfer to reputable non-profit rescues organizations for re-homing and to bring awareness to the plight of free roaming dogs in Miami Dade County Florida. Volunteers with a variety of skills are needed to ensure the success of our project. Your help is GREATLY appreciated and needed! Please take the time to fill out this application. Please also read and sign the agreement form found here and e-mail it to us. This information will help us find the volunteer work that you would enjoy most and to keep you posted on new projects and events. After we review your information, a shelter representative will contact you to discuss volunteer opportunities

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