Success Stories

Jessie Girl

In late July my foster dog arrived from Florida. I named her Jessie Girl after Jessie Pena, one of the women who rescued her and helped her come to Illinois. Jessie Girl arrived with a right front leg that was mangled and broken and hung on her front shoulder. 

Shy and uncomfortable around most people, Jessie and I hit it off right away. She got along immediately with my dog Bella and my two cats, Waffles and Cat Stevens.  She had never lived in a home but took pretty quickly to my routine. 

Two weeks after her arrival, she was spayed and the front leg had to be amputated. Her recovery went quickly and once the stitches were removed, she was up and moving, running and finally able to move freely without that useless leg hanging there. Her spirit brightened.

Now her routine includes two walks a day, learning to play with toys, meeting my friends and getting used to sitting with me and my friends. Her tail wags incessantly, which makes everyone smile.



Picture1 3Jimi and I were on our second feeding visit to the Redlands and Rock Pit. On our first visit, everything went as you expect. We picked up dogs, witnessed dogs being thrown out like rubbish from the former owners truck. He did not even have the decency to come to a complete stop. As we were naïve, we just looked at him thinking he lived in the area. No, this was not the case. His coal black heart was getting rid of a no longer useful dog.

One of these pups was an American bulldog. I did not know the difference between an American bulldog and a pit bull. I instantly believed this boy would be angry. Our friend Jane grabbed him up like a baby. He smiled and let her rock him.

Fast forward to our second visit. We were feeding at the Rock Pit and we see this emaciated but very large white female American bulldog. I looked in her eyes and knew I loved her. She looked as if she had just had puppies. Two in our group went puppy searching while I stayed with this skin and bones sweetheart. I fed her a bag of treats as she followed me around the rock yard. We left her food and clean drinking water. I made her a promise I would come back. I decided to name her right then and there, Elizabeth after St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton. She needed a strong saint name to protect her.

Several days later we get THE call. “Come get her, she is in bad shape.” Jimi and I get off work early and fly across alligator alley to rescue this skin and bones queen. When we arrived, we were met by a very passionate Cheryl. One of the workers was telling us in Spanish that we could not take her. Well after our few words in Spanish, Queen Elizabeth ended up with ME!Picture3

She is sweeter than a lamb. American Bulldog Rescue took care of her vet bills and we took her to their vet in Sarasota. Due to being bred over and over and over, she was full of cancer. Dr. Elizabeth took great care of her and she spent a month at the hospital.

Elizabeth was going to work with her daddy every day. She has 5 siblings and has really bonded with her 8lb little Shih Tzu Tilly Renee. Just because she is 125 pounds does not mean she is alpha. She sleeps on the family couch or on Jimi’s leather recliner. She is very gentle, actually the most gentle of all our dogs. She gives you these longing dopey looks. You know she is grateful for being rescued.

Elizabeth Katherine Renee loves car rides, new people, little and medium dogs, as well as cookies. She can never ever be apart from her daddy.